Unable to make the session state request to the session state server - and how to fix it for windows 10 and .net 4.7.x

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 Here is a quick way to solve the issue if none of the other solutions you've found online worked.

I found this thread that claims to solve it but it did only give me another error message when followed:

It's in Swedish and made as much sense to me as it probably did to you. I just recognized "Windows-funktioner" which simply means "Windows functions" (duh) and I know where to change these!

So just pop over to the control panel, click on the programs and functions link and a window will popup with your all your favorite programs. Simply click on the link to the left that say "Activate or deactivate Windows functions":

When you have done that, another window will pop up and in that you will have to find ASP.NET 4.7 and disable that. I also disabled everything in WCF-Services but I don't know if that did any difference.

After that is done, I opened the same window up again, I enabled it again and also the  IIS alternative over the Internet Explorer 11 alternative.

Just add these, click ok and when the bar is done you will have to go to services and then restart the ASP.NET state service.

Now it should be working again, you don't even need to recompile or restart your computer. Awesome right?